Time Capsule and Cornerstone Dedication

On Monday, May 11th students, staff, parents, alumni and school board members attended the cornerstone dedication ceremony by the grand masonic lodge.  The original cornerstone and time capsule were removed back in April.  Student leadership opened the time capsule and found many items left to us by West High students in 1924, including a bible, stamps, rivalry cards, a long list of National Honors Society students, a picture of the school principal, letters, coins, newspapers, yearbooks, a flag and student handbooks.  Some of these items will be put back into the time capsule for students to find in 100 years.

At the cornerstone dedication ceremony the alumni association and two student representatives from each school showed their contributions to the new time capsule.  This story was featured on Channel 7 News.

Items put into the time capsule included books about the history of West, t-shirts, yearbooks, prom pictures, music on a CD that we hope will be playable in the future, newspaper articles about current events and a secret letter from the current head boy to the future head boy, assuming there will be a head boy in 100 years.

West Leadership Academy contributed collages showing 2015 trends, an empty bag of Hot Cheetos and an iPhone case.

The freemasons then re-enacted the original cornerstone ceremony.   There were 3,000 masons at the dedication of the West High School building in 1924.  Just like the original ceremony, the masons checked to make sure the cornerstone was square, level and plumb.   Representatives from each school were given the honor of using a trowel to add cement to the cornerstone.  Afterwards, the masons added corn, symbolizing nourishment and plenty, wine symbolizing refreshment and joy, and oil representing peace.    The cornerstone will be replaced next week with our new time capsule.  The contents of the time capsule won’t be seen again until the West High School community opens it in 100 years.

timecapsule5 timecapsule3 timecapsule4 timecapsule1 timecapsule2