Annual Family Update Instructions

Annual Family Update (previously known as Online Verification)

Save time during school registration by updating your student’s information online this summer, before registration begins in the fall. The window for Annual Family Update is July 16 – Aug 6 at 4:00pm.  As you know, all information for current students must be verified with Denver Public Schools every year. By completing this process online, you avoid paper forms and decrease the time you have to spend at the school, and in line during registration. In order to participate in the online Annual Family Update, you must have an active Denver Public Schools Parent Portal account. Please make sure your account is set up and ready. You only need one per family:

For Annual Family Update Go to:

  • Enrollment and Registration
  • Annual Family Update (Formerly On-line Verification).

Simply log-in with your parent portal username and password and follow the instructions.


If you have not already set up a Parent Portal account, please visit and click on “Create an Account”. You will need an email address and your student’s DPS ID#s.

Parent Portal Setup & Questions

Office of Choice and Enrollment Services

After you have completed the Annual Family Update, please apply for free or reduced lunch for 2018-2019.  You may do this by visiting

To apply for free or reduced lunch, you will need:

  • Each student’s DPS ID number, date of birth, grade, and school name
  • SNAP case number if you have one.  This is NOT the Colorado Quest Card 10-digit number

You will not need to apply if you have received a Direct Certification letter from the Food and Nutrition services for the 2018-2019 school year.

If you still need help enrolling your students we will have walk in registration on August 8th and 9th from 8am – 6pm closing for lunch from 1-2:30pm. We will need an updated proof of address for returning students. Feel free to call us if you have any questions at 720-423-5460

Actualización Anual Familiar (antes conocida como la Verificación en Línea)

Ahorre tiempo durante las inscripciones al actualizar la información de su estudiante en línea durante este verano, antes de que las inscripciones comienzan este otoño. Usted podrá hacer la Actualización Anual Familiar del  16 de Julio al 6 de Agosto a las 4:00pm.  Como usted sabe, toda la información de los estudiantes que están registrados en Denver Public Schools debe ser verificada cada año. Al completar este proceso en línea, usted evita el papeleo y reduce el tiempo que usted pasa en las escuelas y en filas durante inscripciones. Para participar en la Actualización Anual, usted debe de tener una cuenta activa de con el Portal de Padres. Por favor asegúrese que su cuenta esta activa y lista. Usted solo necesita una por familia:

Para la Actualización Anual Familiar valla a:

  • Enrollment and Registration
  • Annual Family Update, una vez que entre puede cambiar las instrucciones al español

Y simplemente inicie la sesión con su nombre de usuario y contraseña que usa para el portal de padres y sigua las instrucciones.


Si usted no ha firmado para tener una cuenta con el Portal de Padres, por favor visite y haga clic en “Para Comenzar”. Usted necesitara una dirección electrónica y el número de ID de su estudiante.

Para preguntas de cómo crear una cuenta en el Portal de Padres

Oficina de Servicios de Opción e Inscripción

Después de completar su Actualización Anual Familiar, por favor aplique por lonche gratis o a precio reducido para el año escolar 2018-2019.  Usted puede hacer esto al visitar;

Para aplicar por lonche gratis o a precio reducido usted necesitara:

  • El número de ID escolar de cada estudiante , fecha de nacimiento, grado y el nombre de la escuela
  • Numero de caso de SNAP.  Este no es el número de su tarjeta de Quest

Usted no necesitara aplicar si recibió una carta de aprobación directamente del departamento de Comida y Nutrición para el 2018-2019.

Si usted aún necesita ayuda con las inscripciones de su estudiante nosotros tendremos inscripciones los días 8 y 9 de agosto de las 8am – 6pm cerraremos para comer de la 1-2:30pm. Nosotros necesitaremos un comprobante de domicilio reciente. Si tiene preguntas llámenos al 720-423-5460

Good Luck Class of 2018, Welcome Class of 2022

On Wednesday night, May 30th, West Leadership Academy held its third graduation ceremony for a group of seniors who join 134 years of West High School graduates before them.  90% of this year’s graduating class have been accepted into post-secondary programs of study, and they were awarded over $400,000 in scholarships.   The following morning, we welcomed 117 students to high school at our 8th grade continuation ceremony.

DSC_0008.1DSC_0006.1 DSC_0007.1   DSC_0003.1DSC_0023.1 DSC_0026.1 DSC_0034.1 DSC_0040.1 DSC_0043.1 DSC_0049.1 DSC_0051.1 DSC_0074.1

DSC_0001.1 DSC_0004.1 DSC_0010.1 DSC_0016.1 DSC_0021.1 DSC_0025.1 DSC_0030.1 DSC_0048.1 DSC_0054.1


2018 Alumni Awards

West Campus seniors were recognized by our Alumni Association and the Denver Scholarship Foundation for their achievements during high school.  All of our high school students and teachers assembled in the auditorium to celebrate the success of these amazing students and to be inspired by their accomplishments.

2018 West High School Alumni Association Scholarship and “Special Award” Recipients

Paola Rodriguez–$2500 Marie Robinson Memorial Scholarship
Jeffery Carrillo Garcia–$1500 WHS Alumni Scholarship
Joaquin Carcamo-Tapia–$1500 WHS Alumni Scholarship
Darlene Valdez Benavides–$1000 WHS Alumni Scholarship
Ana Samayoa Ramos–$1000 WHS Alumni Scholarship
Ricardo Aguilera–$1000 WHS Alumni Scholarship
Luis Carrasco–$500 Dale Weiland Memorial Scholarship
Fernando Ambriz–$500 “Special Alumni Award” in memory of Alice Maypole
Christian Borjas–$500 “Special Alumni Award” in memory of Alice Maypole
Melissa Sanchez–$500 “Special Alumni Award” in memory of Alice Maypole
Yoxin Carranza-Lopez–$500 “Special Alumni Award” in memory of Alice Maypole
Amina Aden–$500 “Special Alumni Award” donated by Robin Lopez and Bernie Lopez
Jeffery Carrillo Garcia–$500 “Special Alumni Award” donated by Loretta Gonzales in honor of Ernest P. Garibay

2018 West High School Teachers Awards

Catherine Clow-Henderson, Warren Evans, Computer Business Award- $100
Brian Garcia, West Early College

Ernest Peck and Mary Coyle Chase, Speech Award- $100
Neteru Davis, West Early College

James Fluckey and Gary Lee Kientz, Music Award- $100
Ashlyn DeLaRosa-Ramirez, West Leadership Academy

Alumni Athletic Award- $100 each
Yoxin Carranza-Lopez, West Leadership Academy
Abdirizak (Abdi) Mohamed, West Early College

Lewis V. Fergus, Math Award- $100
Darlene Valdez-Benavides, West Leadership Academy

War Memorial Citizenship Award- $100 each
Gustavo Torres-Martinez, West Leadership Academy
Haley Burkhardt, West Early College

Charles R. McDonough Award- $100
Cassandra Torres, West Early College

Jay T. Slagle, Life Science Award- $500 each
Jennifer Vera-Medina, West Early College
Christian Borjas, West Leadership Academy

Alumni Scholarship Award, Valedictorian- $250 each
Jeffrey Carrillo, West Early College
Paola Rodriguez, West Leadership Academy


Service Learning Day

West Leadership students demonstrated our core value of citizenship today by cleaning up and beautifying our community.  High school students worked around campus scrubbing walls, cleaning windows, sweeping floors, and weeding and mulching the garden beds in the courtyard.  Middle school students worked with Denver Parks and Rec to spread mulch around the trees at Sunken Gardens, rake the playground, and pick up trash along Cherry Creek.  Students also decorated meal bags for Project Angel Heart.  After a morning of hard work, we celebrated with refreshing paletas.

Photos by Yitzeiry Serna-Villalva and Mariana Romero.

DSC_0116.1DSC_0013.1 DSC_0018.1 DSC_0019.1 DSC_0026.1 DSC_0040.1 DSC_0041.1 DSC_0044.1 DSC_0047.1 DSC_0060.1 DSC_0061.1 DSC_0063.1 DSC_0071.1 DSC_0072.1 DSC_0073.1 DSC_0075.1 DSC_0083.1 DSC_0103.1 DSC_0011.1 DSC_0019.1 DSC_0026.1 DSC_0048.1 DSC_0097.1 DSC_0098.1

WLA Students Perform on the Hamilton Stage

On Wednesday, March 21st, West Leadership Academy students attended a special performance of the Hamilton Musical at the Performing Arts Center.  The show was the culmination of a unit in which students spent weeks studying about Alexander Hamilton and the founding fathers.  Teams from 60 schools competed by researching, writing, and performing original pieces that were submitted to the Hamilton cast.  Before Wednesday’s show, students from several schools were selected to perform their pieces for the audience, including WLA students Jose Torres-Andazola, Zehydi Chaparro-Rojas, Rossy Martinez-Sanchez and Alexandra Andazola-Chavez.   The event was covered by The Denver Post and Chalkbeat.

2018-0322-DenverPost DSC_0085.1 DSC_0064.1 DSC_0018.1

7th and 8th-Graders Visit DU

West Leadership Academy is part of Denver University’s VIP (Volunteers in Partnership) program, designed to promote self esteem in students and bridge the transition from secondary to post-secondary studies.   Our middle school AVID students visited DU last week to tour the campus and learn about some of the many opportunities DU offers.  Students were greeted by a West Leadership alumni and current DU freshman, they then participated in an engaging presentation by the Physics Department, and finally received an extensive tour of the campus.  Students were impressed by the library, athletics facilities, and they especially enjoyed eating lunch in the dining hall.  This experience gave students a glimpse at college life and motivated them to work harder to achieve their goals.

du-20180209_110611 du-20180209_111553 du-20180209_111712 du-20180209_112446 du-20180209_121346 du-20180209_122014 du-IMG_20180209_122204566

2017 College Fair

October is College and Career Readiness Month at Denver Public Schools and it’s also the month of the annual West Campus college fair.  This year all of our high school students had the opportunity to learn about admissions requirements, financial aid, majors, and student life from the representatives of 40 different colleges and universities.












Celebrating the Class of 2017

On Saturday, May 20th, West Leadership Academy graduated its second class of seniors.  95% of the graduates have been accepted to a post-secondary institutions and collectively they have earned over $400,000 in scholarships!

DSC_0111.1 DSC_0093.1 DSC_0084.1 DSC_0070.1 DSC_0065.1 DSC_0061.1 DSC_0017.1 DSC_0008.1 DSC_0002.1 DSC_0001.1

West High School Alumni Awards

30 graduating seniors from West Leadership Academy, West Early College and West Career Academy were recognized for their achievements by our Alumni Association.  The awards ceremony was held in our auditorium in front of the entire high school student body.  West Leadership seniors were presented with awards and scholarships ranging from $100 to $1500 based on need and merit.

$1500 Alumni Scholarship Awards
Axel Abundez-Abundez
Jayline Castellanos

$1000 Alumni Scholarship Award
Deisy Flores

Dale Weiland Memorial Scholarship Award
Leslie Valles

Alumni Committee Special Awards
Ana Romero-Gonzalez
Giselle Abundez-Abundez
Julio Ameca-Porras

2017 Teacher Awards
Ernest Peck and Mary Coyle Chase, Speech Award
Julio Ameca-Porras

Alumni Athletic Award
Joliet Moya

War Memorial Citizenship Award
Yulises Espino

Jay T. Slagle, Life Science Award
Ana Romero-Gonzalez

Alumni Scholarship Award, Valedictorian
Ana Romero-Gonzalez

DSC_0077.1 DSC_0082.1 DSC_0087.1 DSC_0089.1 DSC_0100.1 DSC_0106.1 DSC_0110.1 DSC_0128.1 DSC_0130.1 DSC_0148.1 DSC_0053.1 DSC_0068.1 DSC_0071.1 DSC_0072.1 DSC_0073.1 DSC_0074.1 DSC_0075.1