TechConnectTechConnect prepares students for a wide variety of careers including – but not limited to – software engineering, IT support, web design, and careers in robotics.  Courses include computer science, robotics, web applications, webpage design and computer programming.  Several of these courses are eligible for college credit.

AceConnectACEConnect prepares students with disabilities, ensuring that they are post-secondary and workforce ready.  This is a supplemental program; students may choose to enter any industry, and this program will equip them with the soft skills they need to succeed.

BusinessConnectBusinessConnect prepares graduates to become tomorrow’s business leaders.  Classes may include business administration, intro to business, and entrepreneurship.  Several of these courses are eligible for college credit.

CreativeConnectCreativeConnect prepares students for a variety of careers in the creative arts.  Courses include photography, digital arts and graphic design.

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