West Leadership Academy was created in direct response to the West Denver community’s call for more rigorous, college- and career-focused academic programs at the West High School campus. The community felt that the old academic program at West High School was not meeting the needs of the community’s children and that new programs were needed to ensure West Denver students were gaining the knowledge and skills they’d need to compete in the 21st century economy. Starting in the fall of 2010, the community partnered with Denver Public Schools to identify solutions for the West campus, and after working closely with the district throughout the winter of 2011 determined that the creation of two new academies on the West Campus would provide students with the best educational opportunities. West Leadership Academy was one of those two academies created.

West Leadership Academy is a partnership between Denver Public Schools and the College Board. The mission of College Board Schools is to prepare every student for access to and success in college, particularly those students in urban environments. This is accomplished through rigorous implementation of an Advisory Program, expert college counseling, content planning and a focus on technology integration.