2019 Alumni Awards

West Campus seniors were recognized by our Alumni Association and the Denver Scholarship Foundation for their achievements during high school. All of our high school students and teachers assembled in the auditorium to recognize the Class of 2019 and to be inspired by their accomplishments.

2019 West High School Alumni Association Scholarship and DSF Recipients:

Adriana Banuelos-Belloc, $500.00, Alice D. Maypole, Class of 1940
Enrico Blackwell, $500.00, Dale Wieland
Amy Cera, $2,500.00, Marie Robinson
Julius Cotton, $1,500.00, West High Alumni
Blandy Ek-Cardoz, $500.00, Alice D. Maypole, Class of 1940
Diego Guzman, $1,000.00, West High Alumni
Umutesi Karinganire, $1,000.00, West High Alumni
Alyssa Ledesma, $1,000.00, West High Alumn
Stephani, Lopez, $500.00, Robin and Barbara Lopez
Briana Mestas, $500.00, Alice D. Maypole, Class of 1940
Kenia Rodriquez-Munoz, $500.00, Alice D. Maypole, Class of 1940
Elias Romero-Leanos, $1,500.00, West High Alumni
Thalia Urbina-Astorga, $500.00, Alice D. Maypole, Class of 1940
Daniel PonceDeLeon, $100.00, Clow-Henerson/ Evan Computer/Business Award
Enrico Blackwell, $250.00, Valedictorian
Amy Cera, $250.00, Valedictorian
Chris Mares, $100.00, Speech/Drama award
Thalia Urbina-Astorga, $100.00, Alumni Athletic Award
Julius Cotton, $100.00, Alumni Athletic Award
Briana Mestas, $100.00, James Fluckey/Gary Lee Kientz Music Award
Elias Romero, $100.00, Lewis V. Fergus Math Award
Umutesi Karinginare, $100.00, War Memorial Citizenship Award
Sandra Galindo, $100.00, War Memorial Citizenship Award
Aleah Lopez, $100.00, Charles R. McDonough Award
Klany James, $100.00, Charles R. McDonough Award
Laisha Flores, $500.00, Vera Ramirez Gomez Scholarship

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