2018 Alumni Awards

West Campus seniors were recognized by our Alumni Association and the Denver Scholarship Foundation for their achievements during high school.  All of our high school students and teachers assembled in the auditorium to celebrate the success of these amazing students and to be inspired by their accomplishments.

2018 West High School Alumni Association Scholarship and “Special Award” Recipients

Paola Rodriguez–$2500 Marie Robinson Memorial Scholarship
Jeffery Carrillo Garcia–$1500 WHS Alumni Scholarship
Joaquin Carcamo-Tapia–$1500 WHS Alumni Scholarship
Darlene Valdez Benavides–$1000 WHS Alumni Scholarship
Ana Samayoa Ramos–$1000 WHS Alumni Scholarship
Ricardo Aguilera–$1000 WHS Alumni Scholarship
Luis Carrasco–$500 Dale Weiland Memorial Scholarship
Fernando Ambriz–$500 “Special Alumni Award” in memory of Alice Maypole
Christian Borjas–$500 “Special Alumni Award” in memory of Alice Maypole
Melissa Sanchez–$500 “Special Alumni Award” in memory of Alice Maypole
Yoxin Carranza-Lopez–$500 “Special Alumni Award” in memory of Alice Maypole
Amina Aden–$500 “Special Alumni Award” donated by Robin Lopez and Bernie Lopez
Jeffery Carrillo Garcia–$500 “Special Alumni Award” donated by Loretta Gonzales in honor of Ernest P. Garibay

2018 West High School Teachers Awards

Catherine Clow-Henderson, Warren Evans, Computer Business Award- $100
Brian Garcia, West Early College

Ernest Peck and Mary Coyle Chase, Speech Award- $100
Neteru Davis, West Early College

James Fluckey and Gary Lee Kientz, Music Award- $100
Ashlyn DeLaRosa-Ramirez, West Leadership Academy

Alumni Athletic Award- $100 each
Yoxin Carranza-Lopez, West Leadership Academy
Abdirizak (Abdi) Mohamed, West Early College

Lewis V. Fergus, Math Award- $100
Darlene Valdez-Benavides, West Leadership Academy

War Memorial Citizenship Award- $100 each
Gustavo Torres-Martinez, West Leadership Academy
Haley Burkhardt, West Early College

Charles R. McDonough Award- $100
Cassandra Torres, West Early College

Jay T. Slagle, Life Science Award- $500 each
Jennifer Vera-Medina, West Early College
Christian Borjas, West Leadership Academy

Alumni Scholarship Award, Valedictorian- $250 each
Jeffrey Carrillo, West Early College
Paola Rodriguez, West Leadership Academy